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A few years back, 21-6 Productions and Garage Games released a phenomenol game called Orbz. The concept of the game is remarkably simple -- use your mouse to fire a ball through the world, hitting stars to collect points and powerups to help yourself or hurt your opponents. Offline, there are 35 challenges that allow you to unlock seven new Orbs, and your score is automatically submitted to the top-10 highscore list (good luck getting on it!). Online, it is almost necessary to downlad the coursepack, which includes 47 amazing custom courses. Some are made by professional game designers and some are made by people just like you and me (like me!). There is an optional online ranking system for those who like to compete. So now that you've heard of this little-known game, go out and try the free trial and tell me you're not hooked.

21-6 cares a lot about orbz and have one member of their team active on the forums. Someday there will be a sequal to Orbz, Orbz 3, which is already available in the xbox arcade.

So now you might be wondering, what's the purpose of this website? It is here to help you find custom maps that aren't in the coursepack and to help you make your own! I go by the name "fishbob" and have created numerous maps that are in the coursepack, and numerous more that are not. Unfortunately, you canot play unofficial maps in the official servers (so host your own room if you want to play with other people).

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