Bugs in Plant Tycoon

For those of you who like bug collections, here are the bugs available in plant tycoon. When you catch the same type of bug twice, you automatically sell it. Common bugs sell for $5, uncommon for $20, and rare for $40. Some bugs can only be found with certain plants/flowers on your screen; in the chart I included the requirements, but the ones labeled with an asterisk (*) are ones I was not sure of (requirements courtesy LadyCFII -- I did not find this information myself). If you wish to know what bug is in a certain spot on the bug screen, I have labeled each jar with a "position number" -- for your convenience, the chart below is organized by position. Below the chart is a description of what happens when you find all 48 bugs.

Name Picture RarityPositionRequirements (if Applicable)
Blue Butterfly Common 1
Mission Blue Butterfly Common 2
Fern Butterfly Common 3Must have a fern growing.
Black Moth Common 4
Pale Moth Uncommon 5
Lapis Butterfly Uncommon 6
Lemon Moth Uncommon 7
Amber Butterfly Uncommon 8Must have an aureus variety growing.
Plum Butterfly Rare 9
Cherry Butterfly Rare 10
Jet Moth Rare 11 Must have a nox variety growing.
Golden Butterfly Rare 12 Must have a fabled plant growing.*
Green Beetle Common 13
Brown Bug Common 14
Ladybug Common 15
Shiny Blue Beetle Common 16
Hiding Beetle Uncommon 17
Zebra Beetle Uncommon 18
Cockroach Uncommon 19
Mystic Scarab Uncommon 20 Must have a mystic variety growing.
Ebony Scarab Rare 21
Fire Scarab Rare 22
Shiny Flower Beetle Rare 23 Must have an orchid growing.*
Golden Beetle Rare 24 Must have an ananas growing.*
Blue Dragonfly Common 25
Pink Dragonfly Common 26
Tiger Dragonfly Common 27
Ghost Dragonfly Uncommon 28
Glassy Dragonfly Uncommon 29 Must have a multiflora growing.*
Fire Dragonfly Rare 30
Black Dragonfly Rare 31 Must have a venemous variety growing.*
Emerald Dragonfly Common 32
Dart Dragonfly Uncommon 33
Fragile Dragonfly Uncommon 34
Earth Dragonfly Rare 35
Golden Dragonfly Rare 36 Must have a blazing variety growing.*
Cactus Spider Common 37 Must have a pipe cactus growing.*
Yellow Spider Common 38
Brown Spider Common 39
Spotted Spider Common 40
Pearly Spider Uncommon 41
Limelike Spider Uncommon 42
Bamboo Spider Uncommon 43
Cricket Spider Uncommon 44
Bumpy Spider Rare 45
Jade Spider Rare 46
Tahitian Spider Rare 47 Must have a tahitian variety growing.
Golden Spider Image Coming Soon! Rare 48 Must have a Megarare ridgeball growing.*

The following three images are courtesy LadyCFII.
When you find the 48th bug, this message will be displayed:

You will also have your collection "on display" in the nursery.

Finally, here is a screenshot of all 48 bugs in your collection hall:

All names, images, and related indicia Last Days of Work. All content Sourgummyworm.com.