A Complete--Everything-Revealed--No-More-Secrets Walkthrough

Welcome! If you are reading this, you probably are familiar with the game Plant Tycoon. If not, Plant Tycoon is a computer game published by Last Day of Work in which you try to discover six magic plants by crossbreeding other plants. This web site is dedicated to spoiling all the secrets in order to make this game easier for those who want to discover everything as easily as possible. Though this site doesn't have any game cheats or codes, it can offer hints, tips, strategies, solutions, and, as mentioned before, secrets.

To read a fairly brief introduction to the game, click here. I strongly reccommend reading this, as it explains much information about the game; you might not understand some of the links below without reading it.

This list is arranged by "secret level." The items with the fewest secrets are at the top, and the items with the most secrets are at the bottom. These pages ARE spoilers!

  • A highly-reccommended introduction to the game.
  • A step-by-step list on how to complete the game. Basically a summary of the introduction (the link above this one).
  • A list of bugs, including pictures and rarity. Also explains how to find the rarest bugs and what happens when the last bug is found.
  • A bit about the nursery.
  • My (very brief) thoughts on mutation liquid.
  • Price guide. Sometimes your plants are underpriced. This is a list of the highest prices I found for each plant (without ever raising them myself).
  • Information about the seeds you can find.
  • Pictures of each species. Includes pictures of seeds, as well.
  • Pictures of each variety of flower.
  • The table of common varieties (excludes the rarest level).
  • The table of common species (excludes the rarest level).
  • The complete table of varieties.
  • The complete table of species.
  • A list of the names of the magic plants, what the plants look like, and what the effect of the plant is. This page is an index to those things, so you can visit it without learning everything.
  • A compilation of useful sites that I found.
  • FAQ coming once there are questions to be answered (contact information below).

  • You can send suggestions for the website (is there a new section you'd love to see?), tips for the game, or questions about the game, or simply general comments. Email us at .

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