An Introduction to Plant Tycoon

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So, I will begin by not revealing any secrets, but by telling you HOW I completed the game without any outside help. This section is for those who want to beat everything themselves without cheating (this page is more of a brief walk-through and is not a spoiler). Personally, I think it's most fun to make the discoveries yourself, but at the same time I know how awesome it is to look at everything and see what there is to discover which is why I created this website.

I had five different accounts at once so that I could complete the game five times as quickly. You could complete this game with only one, or you could try creating multiple accounts like I did. It's up to you.

The first thing I did (on each game) was to upgrade my soil and water. I took my most expensive plant and self-pollinated it and ONLY planted seeds from that plant. I kept 15 seeds each time, and only planted those seeds. This got me money quickly, and was able to afford both the yellow soil and yellow water after a few generations. Now I could start cross-pollinating without worrying about dying plants.

Plant Tycoon Fundamental #1:
The only sure way to avoid plants dying after cross-pollination is to upgrade both your soil and water to the yellow level (and to water your plants every few hours).

The most important thing to do to complete this game yourself is to RECORD EVERYTHING! I used a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. I began by recording what would happen when I crossed anything with anything (for example, a spotted ball cactus with a spotted maple and a jalapa maranta) until I realized that the spreadsheet would be waaayyy too large, and I would never finish it (there would be 280,900 boxes!). So, I decided to do a less ambitious project -- record what happens when you cross each species with each species (such as maple and ball cactus) and each variety with each variety (such as spotted with jalapa). I found that these two variables were independent of each other and would consistently give the same results. In other words...

Plant Tycoon Fundamental #2:
Any species, when crossed with any species, will always give the same species. Likewise, any variety, when crossed with any other variety, will always give the same variety.

For example, a maranta crossed with a ball cactus will always create a maple, and a jalapa plant and a citrus plant will always create a fourpetal plant.

+= ; +=

Random cross-pollinating might find you one or two magic plants, but you will be very lucky to find more -- I am 100% sure you will wind up going in circles without any sort of system because there is absolutely no way to remember which combinations you've tried when there are thousands of combinations.

Just to clear some things up, when I say "species" I am referring to the plant itself -- ball cactus, maranta, and maple are three separate species. The "variety" is the type of flower -- spotted, fourpetal, and jalapa are three separate varieties.

So anyway, I created two separate tables of the species and varieties. I was not even searching specifically for the magic plants; I just wanted to complete the tables. Whenever I found a new species or variety, I would add it to the table. Keeping the table up to date ensured that I would not repeat any combinations that would happen if I just randomly cross-pollinated plants. In my quest to complete the tables, I simply ended up discovering the 6 magic plants. It was that easy. Complete the tables, and in all likelihood you will find most (if not all) of the magic plants.

I should also mention that there are different levels of "rarity" for species and varieties. The three most common levels can be found by cross-pollination, but the rarest level can only be found by buying certain extinct seeds (not every extinct seed is in the rarest level) or through mutation liquid (but mutation liquid won't always make a plant part of the rarest level). None of the magic plants are in the fourth level of rarity, so the game can be completed without discovering any of these plants.

I think it is time to start revealing secrets. Click on the links below to discover the ways to complete...Plant Tycoon!

This list is arranged by "secret level." The items with the fewest secrets are at the top, and the items with the most secrets are at the bottom. These pages ARE spoilers!

  • A step-by-step list on how to complete the game. Basically a summary of this page.
  • A list of bugs, including pictures and rarity. Also explains how to find the rarest bugs and what happens when the last bug is found.
  • A bit about the nursery.
  • My (very brief) thoughts on mutation liquid.
  • Price guide. Sometimes your plants are underpriced. This is a list of the highest prices I found for each plant (without ever raising them myself).
  • Information about the seeds you can find.
  • Pictures of each species. Includes pictures of seeds, as well.
  • Pictures of each variety of flower.
  • The table of common varieties (excludes the rarest level).
  • The table of common species (excludes the rarest level).
  • The complete table of varieties.
  • The complete table of species.
  • A list of the names of the magic plants, what the plants look like, and what the effect of the plant is. This page is an index to those things, so you can visit it without learning everything.
  • A compilation of useful sites that I found.
  • FAQ coming once there are questions to be answered (contact information below).

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