The Magic Plants

Every so often, a plant completely rare, completely unknown, completely sparkly (yes, these plants will have white sparks prancing along their stalks and leaves and flowers), and completely expensive will turn up in your pots. These plants are the magic plants, the sacred plants required to complete Plant Tycoon. They are so elusive that some people will do anything to find them -- they will even use an outside resource such as this site to help them do it!

Sadly, this set of secrets is one of the most abundantly found in the forums. It seems people just want to jump right to the end and not enjoy the journey. Nevertheless, I too will provide this list but unlike some rude persons who dwell in forum-land, I will not blatantly give away secrets. Instead I have warned you; you will not accidentally see any secrets here (while browsing once, I accidentally saw the name of a magic plant, but luckily I already new of its existence so nothing was ruined for me, but I did have to hastily shut my eyes and scroll down before I saw the name of a plant I did not know of). To purposefully see secrets, click on the links below.

The names of the magic plants. First off, on this page, when I say name, I don't only mean "Magic Bush of Sunlight" (that's not a real magic plant), but I am also referring to a magic plant combination, such as Jalapa Reptans (that's not a real magic plant either). So why are the names such a big deal? Well, when you know the plant combination, you can find out how you can create this combination by using the species and varieties tables.

There are dozens of ways to create each magic plant because there are so many ways to create each species and so many ways to create each variety! It is quite likely (not certain though) that if you have a large amount of different seeds, you can combine (cross-pollinate) two of them to create a magic plant. If you are missing an essential plant, it is even more likely that you can create this essential plant with two other seeds. Sometimes you have to think three generations in the future, and for me, at this point and beyond it becomes rather confusing.

Pictures of the magic plants, for those of you who either don't want to see the names or want to visualize what the names look like. Enough said.

Effects of the magic plants. Each magic plant has a "power" -- here I show you the game's description as well as whether there is really any noticeable change in game play.

When you find all the magic plants, this message is displayed. I wouldn't click on this if I were you, because you see what happens when you beat the game.

Well, now that I've ruined every last secret imaginable for you, I hope you will spread this site to all your friends to make their gaming lives easier! If you liked this website, I'd be happy to hear it, and if you didn't like it, I'd love to know why. If there's a secret I haven't released and you think I should (or if there's something you don't know about plant tycoon that you would like me to find out and put on this website), tell me that also. Contact me at .

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