Here is the table of what happens when you cross any plant with any other plant, color-coded to help you visualize it. I have excluded the plants that can only be found through mutation liquid or extinct seeds; if you would like to see those in the table, click here. (The excluded plants are Glaber, Multiflora, Pitcher, Ridgeball, Tigerfern, and Weeper.)

To use the table, look up one plant on the left column and the other in the top row. The place where they meet is the result of cross-breeding those two plants. This table is useful for finding out the different ways to create a certain plant, as it shows every possible way to create those plants.

One thing that surprised me in my research is that there is no way to create a reptans, and yet it is a common species -- so, if you have a reptans plant, make sure to self-pollinate it so that you will have reptans to mix later on in the game. You can only get reptans by buying them from the store (common seeds) or from your original stash.

  Ananas Astera Ball Cactus Bamboo Fanleaf Fern Gladiatus Grass Lemonbush Maple Maranta Orchid Pear Cactus Pipe Cactus Rare Oak Reptans Scandens
Ananas Ananas Fern Maple Fanleaf Maranta Ananas Fern Gladiatus Fanleaf Lemonbush Maranta Gladiatus Bamboo Bamboo Lemonbush Astera Astera
Astera Fern Astera Lemonbush Maranta Ananas Gladiatus Gladiatus Orchid Ananas Maranta Fern Astera Lemonbush Fanleaf Fanleaf Grass Orchid
Ball Cactus Maple Lemonbush Ball Cactus Pipe Cactus Rare Oak Bamboo Bamboo Fanleaf Rare Oak Pipe Cactus Maple Lemonbush Ball Cactus Pear Cactus Pear Cactus Maranta Fanleaf
Bamboo Fanleaf Maranta Pipe Cactus Bamboo Lemonbush Fanleaf Maranta Ananas Bamboo Maple Lemonbush Ananas Rare Oak Rare Oak Maple Fern Fern
Fanleaf Maranta Ananas Rare Oak Lemonbush Fanleaf Maranta Ananas Fern Lemonbush Bamboo Fanleaf Fern Maple Maple Bamboo Gladiatus Gladiatus
Fern Ananas Gladiatus Bamboo Fanleaf Maranta Fern Fern Astera Maranta Fanleaf Ananas Gladiatus Bamboo Lemonbush Lemonbush Orchid Astera
Gladiatus Fern Gladiatus Bamboo Maranta Ananas Fern Gladiatus Astera Maranta Fanleaf Ananas Astera Lemonbush Lemonbush Fanleaf Orchid Orchid
Grass Gladiatus Orchid Fanleaf Ananas Fern Astera Astera Grass Fern Ananas Gladiatus Orchid Fanleaf Maranta Maranta Scandens Grass
Lemonbush Fanleaf Ananas Rare Oak Bamboo Lemonbush Maranta Maranta Fern Lemonbush Bamboo Fanleaf Ananas Rare Oak Maple Maple Gladiatus Fern
Maple Lemonbush Maranta Pipe Cactus Maple Bamboo Fanleaf Fanleaf Ananas Bamboo Maple Lemonbush Maranta Pipe Cactus Rare Oak Rare Oak Fern Ananas
Maranta Maranta Fern Maple Lemonbush Fanleaf Ananas Ananas Gladiatus Fanleaf Lemonbush Maranta Fern Maple Bamboo Bamboo Astera Gladiatus
Orchid Gladiatus Astera Lemonbush Ananas Fern Gladiatus Astera Orchid Ananas Maranta Fern Orchid Fanleaf Fanleaf Maranta Grass Grass
Pear Cactus Bamboo Lemonbush Ball Cactus Rare Oak Maple Bamboo Lemonbush Fanleaf Rare Oak Pipe Cactus Maple Fanleaf Pear Cactus Pear Cactus Pipe Cactus Maranta Maranta
Pipe Cactus Bamboo Fanleaf Pear Cactus Rare Oak Maple Lemonbush Lemonbush Maranta Maple Rare Oak Bamboo Fanleaf Pear Cactus Pipe Cactus Pipe Cactus Ananas Maranta
Rare Oak Lemonbush Fanleaf Pear Cactus Maple Bamboo Lemonbush Fanleaf Maranta Maple Rare Oak Bamboo Maranta Pipe Cactus Pipe Cactus Rare Oak Ananas Ananas
Reptans Astera Grass Maranta Fern Gladiatus Orchid Orchid Scandens Gladiatus Fern Astera Grass Maranta Ananas Ananas Reptans Scandens
Scandens Astera Orchid Fanleaf Fern Gladiatus Astera Orchid Grass Fern Ananas Gladiatus Grass Maranta Maranta Ananas Scandens Scandens

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