Here is the table of what happens when you cross any flower with any other flower, color-coded to help you visualize it. I have excluded the flowers that can only be found through mutation liquid or extinct seeds; if you would like to see those in the table, click here. (This table does not have Arthurium, Baccatus, Lilia, Tahitian, Tilia, or Venus.)

To use the table, look up one flower on the left column and the other in the top row. The place where they meet is the result of cross-breeding those two flowers. This table is useful for finding out the different ways to create a certain plant, as it shows every possible way to create those flowers.

One thing that surprised me in my research is that there is no way to create a spotted flower, and yet it is a common flower -- so, if you have a spotted flowered plant, make sure to self-pollinate it so that you will have spotted flowers to mix later on in the game. You can only get spotted flowers by buying them from the store (the common seeds) or from your original stash.

  Aureus Blazing Bluestar Citrus Daisy Fabled Fourpetal Fragrant Jalapa Mela Mystic Nox Painted Rosaceae Spotted Venemous Viola
Aureus Aureus Fourpetal Fabled Mela Jalapa Blazing Aureus Fourpetal Blazing Venemous Fabled Jalapa Viola Fragrant Viola Venemous Fragrant
Blazing Fourpetal Blazing Jalapa Venemous Viola Fragrant Fourpetal Blazing Fragrant Aureus Jalapa Viola Rosaceae Fabled Rosaceae Aureus Fabled
Bluestar Fabled Jalapa Bluestar Fragrant Nox Viola Jalapa Viola Rosaceae Fragrant Mystic Bluestar Nox Mystic Daisy Fabled Rosaceae
Citrus Mela Venemous Fragrant Citrus Fabled Aureus Venemous Aureus Fourpetal Citrus Blazing Fragrant Fabled Blazing Jalapa Mela Fourpetal
Daisy Jalapa Viola Nox Fabled Daisy Rosaceae Viola Rosaceae Mystic Fabled Bluestar Nox Daisy Bluestar Painted Jalapa Mystic
Fabled Blazing Fragrant Viola Aureus Rosaceae Fabled Blazing Fragrant Fabled Fourpetal Viola Rosaceae Mystic Jalapa Mystic Fourpetal Jalapa
Fourpetal Aureus Fourpetal Jalapa Venemous Viola Blazing Fourpetal Blazing Fragrant Venemous Fabled Jalapa Viola Fabled Rosaceae Aureus Fragrant
Fragrant Fourpetal Blazing Viola Aureus Rosaceae Fragrant Blazing Fragrant Fabled Aureus Jalapa Viola Rosaceae Citrus Mystic Fourpetal Fabled
Jalapa Blazing Fragrant Rosaceae Fourpetal Mystic Fabled Fragrant Fabled Jalapa Fourpetal Viola Rosaceae Mystic Viola Bluestar Blazing Jalapa
Mela Venemous Aureus Fragrant Citrus Fabled Fourpetal Venemous Aureus Fourpetal Mela Fragrant Fourpetal Jalapa Blazing Jalapa Mela Blazing
Mystic Fabled Jalapa Mystic Blazing Bluestar Viola Fabled Jalapa Viola Fragrant Mystic Bluestar Nox Rosaceae Nox Fragrant Rosaceae
Nox Jalapa Viola Bluestar Fragrant Nox Rosaceae Jalapa Viola Rosaceae Fourpetal Bluestar Nox Daisy Mystic Daisy Fabled Mystic
Painted Viola Rosaceae Nox Fabled Daisy Mystic Viola Rosaceae Mystic Jalapa Nox Daisy Painted Bluestar Painted Jalapa Bluestar
Rosaceae Fragrant Fabled Mystic Blazing Bluestar Jalapa Fabled Citrus Viola Blazing Rosaceae Mystic Bluestar Rosaceae Nox Fragrant Viola
Spotted Viola Rosaceae Daisy Jalapa Painted Mystic Rosaceae Mystic Bluestar Jalapa Nox Daisy Painted Nox Spotted Viola Bluestar
Venemous Venemous Aureus Fabled Mela Jalapa Fourpetal Aureus Fourpetal Blazing Mela Fragrant Fabled Jalapa Fragrant Viola Venemous Blazing
Viola Fragrant Fabled Rosaceae Fourpetal Mystic Jalapa Fragrant Fabled Jalapa Blazing Rosaceae Mystic Bluestar Viola Bluestar Blazing Viola

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