Step by Step instructions to complete Plant Tycoon

  1. Download the game from any website that sells it, such as or
  2. Install the game.
  3. Open the game.
  4. Create an account -- follow the tutorial, if you wish.
  5. Put soil in the pots.
  6. Water the pots.
  7. Plant the four seeds you have with you.
  8. Plant the eight seeds in your seed box.
  9. Buy and plant the three common seeds from "Supplies."
  10. If at any time you see a bug, catch it, for each duplicate bug you catch will be converted into cash, which is useful.
  11. Wait until each plant is mature.
  12. Self pollinate each plant and wait some more.
  13. Take one seed from each different plant and put it in your seed box. (So if you have two jalapa marantas, only keep one seed).

    I have found it best to organize the seeds by species, with the most common on the left and rarest on the right. (See the below picture).

  14. Take 15 seeds from the most expensive plants (put 7 or 8 in your seed box).
  15. Sell your plants (if you wish to know the "true" prices of the plants, visit The Price Guide).
  16. Plant the 15 seeds you took in step 14.
  17. Repeat steps 10-16 until you have enough money to upgrade your soil and water. If you wish to cross-pollinate now, you may try. However, I would continue to repeat these steps until you can upgrade your soil and water again.
  18. Start cross-pollinating. When seeds have been produced, write down (or type down) each combination that you are planting, and which pot you are planting it in.

    For example, if I cross-pollinated a Jalapa Maranta and a Spotted Ball-Cactus and planted it in the pot in the upper left corner, I would write down "jalapa & spotted, maranta & ball cactus, 1" or something to that effect. I numbered the pots based on position as shown below.
  19. Create two tables. On one table, put the species of all plants you combined both vertically and horizontally. On the other table, put the varieties of all plants you combined both vertically and horizontally.
  20. When the plants have matured, record what the result of each plant was in the intersections of the species/varieties on their respective tables.
  21. Continue mixing species/varieties until every square on the table is filled in or until you discover all 6 magic plants.
  22. If you would like to skip all of this "research," view my own results here and here.
  23. Create the magic plants. If you would like to find out what they are, go here.
  24. If you just want to see what happens when you find all 6 magic plants, click here. (THAT LINK IS A MAJOR SPOILER!!! Only click it if you are so curious that you will die if you don't know how the game ends.)

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