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Welcome! If you're reading this, you probably have played Risk II, the computer-game version of the popular board game. If not, ATARI has converted the Parker Brother's classic board game into this PC hit, and this web site is for people who play the computer version. If you love the board game but don't have a copy of the computer version, you can purchase one here (or download the free trial instead).

This website will provide instruction primarily through video. I have taken screenshots of the PC Game after every battle and reconstructed the entire war for world domination. By putting the pictures together in a video and narrating each with strategies and explanations, I have created something that is not only fascinating (such as seeing how power shifts as the game moves on) but also informative and helpful.

How helpful are these videos? If popularity is the judge, these are very helpful! Between this website and the RiskIIGuru YouTube channel, as of June 2009, these videos have had over 100,000 views!

So, let us begin training you in the art of war.

Strategies: recommended for people new to the game of Risk.

The Tournament
These videos will explain how to win each level of the tournament/campaign mode in Risk II. If for some reason these videos do not work in your browser (or if the files are too big to load), they are also available on YouTube. The solutions provided in these videos are by no means the only way to beat a level, nor are they necessarily the best way to beat a level. They do, however, show a method to win each level that consistantly works, or may provide that extra bit of insight necessary to perfect your own strategy.

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