Risk II Transcripts: Level 1


Quick Facts!
Level Goal Opponents Territory Allocation Troop Placement Mode
1 Conquer 60% of the world, or 25 territories Freire, Solignac, Baird Pre-set Pre-set Classic

This first scenario is pretty straightforward. Conquer 25 territories. Easy.

Start by placing your initial reinforcements in Greenland, and conquer Australia. Try to conquer Iceland from Great Britain, but if you fail, no big deal. Start trying to conquer North America, but play conservatively.

Just a reminder: if you annihilate another player, you can still proceed to the next round.

On my second turn, my attempt to conquer Alberta failed so I will take Siam instead.

I succeed in Alberta on turn Three. I want to keep strong defenses in North America, so this will be my only attack this turn.

Uh oh, green broke my defenses and made it into Australia, but it won’t be hard to eradicate him.

I spoke too soon! He’s still in Indonesia, so I’ll take the Western U.S., still trying to conquer North America.

Blue is offering me an alliance. I see that he could trade cards, so I play ‘better safe than sorry.’ At this point in the game, an alliance with blue doesn’t hurt, as now I can focus on taking out green in Indonesia. It’s also nice not to be attacked from the South.

Very soon it is my turn again, and I reconquered Australia. By trading cards, I have enough troops to conquer all of North America except Central America. I make a tactical move moving my troops from New Guinea to Indonesia.

I trade cards again, and finish my conquest of North America and take Siam. I moved two troops from Quebec into Greenland.

On my following turn, I decide to annihilate blue in order to take his risk cards. I also prevent yellow from maintaining his complete control of Africa by conquering North Africa. I made a tactical move from Greenland to Iceland.

The end is here. I trade cards for 20 reinforcements, and defeat yellow. Because I have also now conquered 25 territories, this is the last turn no matter what else happens, so there is no more point in playing conservatively. With yellow’s five risk cards, I have enough cards to trade TWICE during my turn, giving me enough troops to defeat green and conquer the world. Complete victory.

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