Risk II Transcripts: Level 12


Quick Facts!
Level Goal Opponents Territory Allocation Troop Placement Mode
12 Conquer 80% of the world, or 38 territories. Marmont, Campbell, Taupin Pre-set Pre-set Same-time

This is admittedly harder than most other scenarios. Many people simply recommend killing someone, hiding, and laying low until one of the computers emerges as the victor. Not me, though. It is definitely doable…as long as everything goes well. To guarantee this, at the beginning of the game, I was forced to use the “strategy” I talked about in the 5th level, where you exit the tournament and start the turn over.

You have to conquer Europe on your first turn – place all your troops in that continent (except for maybe one in Greenland). The battle plans I used work best.

I made an alliance with yellow, but I don’t trust him for a minute. I’m going to take a part of Africa. I also fully reinforced my territories in North America, noticing that most of the other countries in it only contain one troop. Lo and behold, yellow breaks into Europe with a surge attack – I have found it impossible to keep Europe after the first turn, and it is very difficult to win it back.

Therefore, I will now put all my attention on conquering North America.

Throughout this game, I found myself making alliances I don’t intend on keeping. I am stooping to any level to succeed easily.

I have now obtained all of North America, so I start to try to retake Europe. My biggest goals are to continue to control North America and to keep some troops in Asia so red doesn’t have that powerful continent. Gaining Europe would be very nice, but it’s not a priority.

Red takes Hawaii, but I win it back.

When green is down to two troops, I want credit for annihilating him. I make a surge attack to Argentina, and I was able to take it because red moved 22 of his troops OUT of Argentina on his surge attack. Argentina also gives me access to Australia. I don’t want red to have that either.

On my following turn, I am able to retake Europe. Huzzah!

Next turn, two things happen. Red and I destroy yellow (I get credit, again thanks to a surge attack), and red breaks into North America. I have Europe now, so it isn’t as big as a deal as it would have been earlier.

Because there are only two players left, and because I have killed at least one opponent, and because the goal is to conquer only 38 territories, I am guaranteed to advance to the next round. Nevertheless, I would still rather win than lose.

Right now, I am in a stronger position than red because I have a continent, and am close to conquering North America (again), South America, and even Asia. Well, I got North America back just to lose Europe, and red conquered Africa.

On the subsequent turn, red conquers Australia and I get back Europe. My continents are far superior to his; there’s no way I can lose.

And now I have Asia, the most powerful continent in the world. Red may have broken into Europe, but I broke into Australia and Africa. Red doesn’t have squat. I trade cards and nearly annihilate red. I came so close to a total victory!

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