Risk II Transcripts: Level 13


Quick Facts!
Level Goal Opponents Territory Allocation Troop Placement Mode
13 Conquer North America and Africa. Marmont, Campbell, Taupin, Spencer Pre-set You pick Same-time

This scenario is surprisingly easy. I guess the game writers felt guilty about giving us such a hard level 12.

Conquering North America is as easy as Scenario 2. It falls right into your hands. Even though black prevented me from getting it on my first turn, he put up no resistance and I had North America by the end of my second turn.

Now all I have to do is play smart. Iím in a very strong position, so thereís no need to go for an early, risky, all-or-nothing conquest of Africa. Iím slowly going to conquer the world instead, and make sure Iím the only one with a lot of power.

I try to make one alliance each turn so I only have to worry about two enemies at a time (green is too weak to count). Speaking of green, I annihilated him with a surge attack from Venezuela to Brazil.

Red stole Alaska, but I traded cards, giving me more than enough troops to kick his two armies out.

On my next turn I traded cards again. I was able to destroy the bulk of redís army, which was in Yakutsk, annihilate black, and conquer Europe. All in all, it was a successful turn. Itís too bad that yellow captured Brazil.

Red now made it back into Europe, but I again easily drove him out on my next turn. I had hoped to also conquer Asia this turn, but alas, my plans did not come to fruition.

I almost have all of Africa. I could end the game now, or let yellow survive a few turns longer until red is destroyed. I decide to forget about world domination and 20 extra points and end the game. Victory.

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