Risk II Transcripts: Level 14


Quick Facts!
Level Goal Opponents Territory Allocation Troop Placement Mode
14 Conquer three enemy capitals while defending your own. Marmont, Campbell, Taupin, Spencer, Bonaparte Election You pick Same-time

This scenario is a lot like level NINE (I didnít mean to say eleven!), so there isnít much to talk about. Your game will most likely be very different from mine.

During the election, I accidentally bought several territories when trying to make my opponents spend a lot of election points Ė namely, Eastern Australia and Northwest Territory. I try to work this into my strategy by taking countries near those two, but when all is said and done, my main land is Europe.

I spend my first turn trying to conquer Europe, but yellow survives in both Great Britain and Svalbard.

I eradicate him on my second turn; at the same time, black conquers Australia.

Green is very weak so I want to annihilate him eventually, so I am trying to keep a strong presence in Africa. I also want to keep a few troops alive in North America. Meanwhile, black is becoming ever-stronger.

Green breaks into Europe on a surge attack, severely limiting my options on the following turn.

I succeed in regaining Europe, but black is now a serious threat. Nevertheless, I spend the next turn annihilating green.

Itís time to focus on black, now Ė I attack Argentina and surge to New Zealand. Without all of Australia, black will be much more limited in his attacks, as he has overextended himself.

My only regret for my next turn is that I did not get credit for killing pink. I now have two capitals and my own, so I can probably win in one more turn.

I do. Victory.

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