Risk II Transcripts: Level 15


Quick Facts!
Level Goal Opponents Territory Allocation Troop Placement Mode
15 Destroy whoever holds the Western United States. Marmont, Campbell, Taupin, Spencer, Bonaparte, Wellington Pre-set You pick Same-time

After a long and arduous journey, the tournament is almost over. Only 2 levels remain. And one of them…is this one.

As is true with all the scenarios, the key to winning is a strong, successful beginning. You must conquer South America on your first turn. This is your top priority; besides this, I also attacked New Zealand and I surged to South Africa so that neither green nor blue would control their entire continents.

Though my goal is to annihilate purple, I ally with him – at this point in the game, those four extra reinforcements from South America are crucial. Besides, orange should keep purple occupied; he has troops in Hawaii and the United States.

Meanwhile, I attempt to keep some troops in Africa and Europe, and I’m going for an all-out conquest of Australia.

Even though purple eradicated orange from North America, I still do not feel strong enough to evoke his fury. I ally with him again, and yellow attacks Greenland anyways.

I’ve now conquered Australia, and blue is very weak – I try to annihilate him, but he escapes my wrath…and yellow also took Indonesia. I, however, finally ended my alliance with purple, and took Central America.

I fail to reclaim Australia but I succeed in annihilating blue.

I continue my conquest of the world…yellow is weakest, so I’ll kill him next.

Now it’s just me and purple…he’s going down!

After destroying most of his forces, I play a few turns of mop-up. When he’s gone, I’ve achieved victory.

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