Risk II Transcripts: Level 16


Quick Facts!
Level Goal Opponents Territory Allocation Troop Placement Mode
16 Conquer three enemy capitals while defending your own. Maransin, Marmont, Campbell, Taupin, Spencer, Bonaparte, Wellington Election You pick Same-time

You’ll be happy to hear that this level – the last level – is not a very hard scenario.

Because territories are assigned by election, you will probably have a very different game than what I had, depending on where you make your base.

Here are some general reminders about election mode:

  • When you want a territory, don’t bid until the bar starts flashing red so you can get it for fewer points
  • When you don’t want a territory, bid early and often to raise the price – but be careful that you don’t end up buying it yourself!
  • If you quit the game before the first round begins, territory allocation starts all over, and every player’s first territory will be randomly reassigned

In this game, I ended up with most of Europe, so I placed all my initial reinforcements in it. However, black also placed 12 reinforcements in Europe, and I know that that will make it very hard to conquer the continent quickly. I see that North America is nearly deserted, so on my first turn, I place all my initial reinforcements there.

It’s not that I’ve given up on Europe – I’m still trying to stop black there as well – but North America is my top priority, so all my reinforcements are going there until it is conquered.

Once I’ve achieved this goal, I can essentially conquer the world at my leisure. As long as no one else holds a continent and I keep my hold on North America, I am essentially unstoppable. All other players besides silver and yellow die quickly. Silver is slightly stronger, so my two short-term goals now are to conquer Europe and break into Australia.

With my strong position, conquering the world will be a piece of cake. Finally, we have completed the Risk II tournament!

I hope you have found these videos helpful. I look forward to reading any comments you might have – my email address is at the bottom of the page.

So, for the last time…victory.

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