Risk II Transcripts: Level 3


Quick Facts!
Level Goal Opponents Territory Allocation Troop Placement Mode
3 Conquer North America and Australia. Freire, Solignac, Baird, Aubert Pre-set You pick Classic

The scenarios are starting to become harder.

Start by placing 7-8 troops in Australia. Divide the rest among your North American territories.

The strategy I used on scenario one was to conquer and defend Australia early for its steady supply of extra reinforcements. Then, I slowly conquered North America by keeping heavy defenses. In other words, I always kept at least 4 troops in EVERY territory in North America, even if it was surrounded on all sides by territories I already owned.

Now it is my second turn. I lost a lot of troops attacking Ontario from Quebec, so I retreated to keep at least 4 troops in every territory. I still need a risk card, so I will attack India from Siam and then move the troops back to defend Australia.

An alliance with blue canít hurt; I donít plan on attacking him any time soon.

Turn 3: I simply reinforced Siam and conquered Alberta.

Oh dear, yellow seems to have conquered Europe. Somebody should stop it.

Turn 4: Iím keeping my alliance with blue going; I donít have enough troops to consider attacking him yet. Instead, I will take Iceland from yellow.

Turn 5: I would like an alliance, but alas, it was not to be. Conquered Eastern U.S., only to have my defenses fail against blue in Alberta.

Now, Iím not doing great. My enemies seem to be conquering continents but also to be keeping each other at bay. My defenses canít take out enough guys to cause my opponents to retreat, so itís really a see-saw situation in North America.

I will bide my time until I can trade cards.

Remember, all I have to do to win is conquer Australia and North AmericaÖ20 extra battalions should do the trick.

This wasnít my best game ever, but I still managed to achieve victory.

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