Risk II Transcripts: Level 4


Quick Facts!
Level Goal Opponents Territory Allocation Troop Placement Mode
4 Defend your capital and conquer three others. Baird, Aubert, D'Erlon, Barbacena, Mackenzie You pick You pick Classic

This is my favorite scenario because you can choose your own territories and because it is capital risk. The object of this scenario is to defend your capital and capture three others.

I find capital risk so fun because it is so easy; the computer players almost always place all their troops in their own capital at the start of each turn, hindering any attacks they might wish to make. This doesnít render the AI useless, but it does make it easier nonetheless.

So, because this scenario wonít be a challenge, be ambitious when choosing your territories. I like to start with North America. When choosing your capital, try to pick an interior country surrounded by territories you own on all sides.

I started this game by conquering North America and keeping the edge countries strong.

On my next turn, I made sure each interior country had at least two troops in it to defend against a potential invasion, and conquered Iceland.

Iím not too worried about what the computers are doing because of the extra reinforcements North America provides. Nevertheless, I donít want purple to have his continent so easily, so I conquered Venezuela.

I took some heavy damage in Venezuela from Brazil, so I strengthened it again and took Kamchatka.

Hereís an interesting tip about Risk: if you conquer someone and end up with more than 5 cards, you can trade cards for extra reinforcements DURING YOUR TURN. This is very useful to do, as you can build up defenses or have a second wave of invasions in the middle of your turn.

Trading cards is always useful, so I did that and wiped out Purple.

Now, I see that green has four risk cards and I have three Ė if I can take Green out, I will be able to trade cards during my turn for more reinforcements. I will place all my initial reinforcements in Iceland in order to defeat green.

Gasp! He has withstood everything I could throw at him, leaving me defenseless in Europe and weak in South America.

Lo and behold, Green traded cards and made a small comeback.

I annihilated Green, finally, but was unable to reclaim South America.

On my final turn, I traded cards and checked to see if anyone had five risk cards that would allow me to trade for more troops in-turn. Nope. Iím doing great right now, and having a blast. I want to let the game go on longer, but I see that black might trade cards, which could end up in catastrophe. To play it safe, I will end the game by conquering three capitals.


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