Risk II Transcripts: Level 7


Quick Facts!
Level Goal Opponents Territory Allocation Troop Placement Mode
7 Conquer three enemy capitals while defending your own. D'Erlon, Barbacena, Mackenzie, Vauban, Sherbrooke You pick You pick Same-time

This scenario shouldnít be too difficult.

Like usual, I begin the game by taking as much of North America as I can. Because each player only starts with 8 territories, itís impossible to begin the game with the entire continent. It will be easy to eradicate my opponents from Canada.

On the first turn I donít make any attacks outside of North America; Iím only focusing on controlling my continent.

Itís disappointing that Quebec withstood my attacks, but a second round does the job.

Now I will start spreading in all directions. Blue is the only other player with a continent, so I will try especially hard to break into Australia.

The only thing to do now is to build an empire and make sure no other player becomes too powerful. Remember, it is better to be attacking than defending (in Same-Time Risk).

I trade cards and make numerous attacks, but I lose Central America on blackís surge attack. I do take out three of his five troops, though, so I should be able to reconquer the nation quite easily.

Quite strangely, on my next turn no one attacks me at all, so all my attacks are successful. I break blueís hold on Australia, and I now control all of both North America and Europe.

I trade cards again, and remember that the goal of the game is to conquer three enemy capitals. I have two right now, so I make an attack to China and a surge attack to Indonesia.

Both ploys are successful, resulting in another victory.

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